Social Soap Box

Oktober 2020

Pandemics like Covid-19 pose challenges to our society. Creative solutions are needed, both on a social and sustainable level. In this context, hygiene is of particular importance. Washing hands with soap is one of the most important protective measures to prevent infection and transmission of the virus. What many take for granted is an almost insurmountable challenge elsewhere. “A piece of Soap” is an initiative founded in the context of the pandemic in cooperation with the German soap company “Stop the water while using me” to support refugees in the Greek reception centres with hygiene articles, especially soap. The subject of the project is the creation of a design for a portable soap can as well as the development of an injection moulding tool intended for this purpose. The product is manufactured using a low-tech injection moulding process. The material used is the company’s own plastic waste, which is recycled in the product to create its own recycling system. The proceeds from the sale are invested in bar soaps. The aim of the collaboration was to distribute 7,000 bars of soap to refugees - which we successfully achieved.