Oktober 2021

Re.Works is a sustainable plastic recycling workshop closely linked to the intercultural maker space Habibi.Works and based on the open-source movement Precious Plastic to promote plastic recycling. The workshop raises awareness among participants and cooperation partners about the dangers of plastic and viable alternatives through education and upcycling of plastic waste. In the workshop, which is largely self-directed by the target group, participants from the local Greek and refugee community transform plastic waste into much needed and beautiful products that bring joy.
We collaborate with the Habibi.Works project of Soup and Socks e. V. - an innovative approach to using the Makerspace model in a humanitarian context. We increase the integration channels between the asylum seeker community and the local Greek community in Katsikas by offering a common goal: to act for a better environment. Every recycling measure goes hand in hand with education on sustainable consumption patterns, the plastic footprint and alternative materials. In humanitarian and other crises, we usually face a trade-off between quick response and a low budget for the well-being of the environment. When we try to solve one problem, we make another worse. With the project, we want to have a positive impact on both humanitarian and environmental issues.