For Studio Bruno Windt design is an agent of change for the better. In this sense, it acts, experiments and learns in the humanitarian and ecological field. Based in Berlin, Germany. Always asking what is and what could be?

The founder Louis Bindernagel graduated from the UdK in Berlin in product and process design, but already gained relevant experience during his studies. The work with the organisation Precious Plastic was in many ways formative for the work of Studio Bruno Windt. However, it is our joint creative work that is decisive. Our work focuses on sustainable results in all aspects. The time spent in Greece working with refugees was another formative element.


2022 Freelancer at Studio Lukas Wegwerth
Berlin, Germany

2021-2022 Tutor University of Arts
Berlin, Germany

2021 Project manager of Re.Works
Ioannina, Greece

2021 Residency Opolab
Porto, Portugal

2020 Designer at Habibi.works
Ioannina, greece

2020 Residency Overbeck Gesellschaft
Lübeck, Germany

2020 Residency Galerie Genscher
Hamburg, Germany

2020 Founding member of not for your distinction e.V.
Berlin, Germany

2018-2020 Internship and freelancer at
Dave Hakkens
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2017-2018 Shenkar College
Exchange semester in Industrial Design
Tel Aviv, Israel

2015-2022 UdK Berlin
Bachelor in Product Design
Berlin, Germany

2014-2015 HFBK Hamburg
Product Design
Hamburg, Germany

Shows & Awards

2022 German Design Graduates, Schloss Pillinitz Design Campus Dresden Circular Design Award“Whole Earth Project”
2022 Finalist Distributed Design Award
“Whole Earth Project”

2020 Re-Art. Readymade recycelt, Overbeck Gesellschaft, Lübeck
“Social Soap Box”

2020 Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

2019 Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

2019 Global Grad Show, Dubai

2019 Salone Satellite, Milano

2018 Salone Satellite, Milano

2018 IMM, Cologne


2022 Ndion “Whole Earth Project”

2020 Lübecker Nachrichten “Social Soap Box”

2020 Beauty Punk “Social Soap Box”