Oktober 2020

Plastic is made from crude oil and crude oil is a finite resource, eventually, it will run out and on the way, it will have caused severe damage to our environment. Endless is a comment on this fact. Made from recycled HDPE the vase shows an alternative, less damaging handling of this material. Using an independently developed technique using an extrusion machine, a spoon and a cardboard model, the vase collection Endless was created together with the designer Laura Laipple. Endless is part of the exhibition “Re-Art. Readymade recycled”, which I co-conceptualised. The finished objects were auctioned off to finance the work of “Not for your distinction e.V.” in Greece. In the exhibition in the Overbeck-Gesellschaft, low-tech recycling machines were available for all visitors to use in workshops. The entire recycling process was run in an exemplary manner. An extensive accompanying programme with numerous lectures and workshops on mould making, production, recycling and clean up’s deepened the globally significant theme.