Louis Bindernagel


At the beginning of my product design studies at the HFBK Hamburg, I learnt what design means to me - challenging myself and questioning how our society acts. After transferring to UDK Berlin in 2015, I deepened this interest and further developed my profile. I quickly realised that I was less interested in classic product design and more interested in new forms of design such as social design. I experimented with this in various projects. Since it is important to me to include the cultural aspect of societies in my projects, I decided to do an Erasmus in Israel/Palestine - a place that corresponds to a cultural melting pot and has changed my view of humanity permanently. I did my compulsory internship with the designer Dave Hakkens with his project Precious Plastic. I was instrumental in developing the fourth version of this project and decided to extend my period from six months to over a year. During this time I was able to build up a large network in the sustainable design scene and deepen projects. After the internship, I took a break from my studies to gain independent experience for my work. Together with the designer Laura Laipple, I developed a concept for a project workshop with refugees on the Greek island of Samos. The focus of this workshop was on the use of recycled plastic as a free resource. This project was in line with the philosophy of “empowerment through creation” and placed great emphasis on empowering people to find their own solutions to their problems. Due to Covid-19, we, unfortunately, had to interrupt this project. In the following months, however, we continued to work on this issue and, among other things, founded a non-profit association that enables innovators to realise social and sustainable projects. With this association, we turned the project Re.Works into reality, which the very same approach to the project on Samos. Together with refugees, we are building a workshop in Greece that uses recycled material as a free resource. I used the last semester to complete my degree with the project idea “The Whole Earth Project”. An attempt to combine my experience and understanding of design in a project. A tool for independent self-help.

2022 Freelancer at Studio Lukas Wegwerth
Berlin, Germany

2021-2022 Tutor project-workshop
University of Arts
Berlin, Germany

2021 Project manager of Re.Works
Ioannina, Greece

2021 Residency Opolab
Porto, Portugal

2020 Freelancer at Habibi.works
Workshopleader metal/wood
ioannina, greece

2020 Residency Overbeck Gesellschaft
Lübeck, Germany

2020 Founding member of not for your distinction e.V.
Berlin, Germany

2018-2020 Internship and freelance work
Precious Plastic
Dave Hakkens
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2017-2018 Shenkar College
Exchange semester in Industrial Design
Tel Aviv, Israel

2015-2022 University of Arts Berlin
Bachelor in Product Design
Berlin, Germany

2014-2015 HFBK Hamburg
Product Design
Hamburg, Germany